Trans Am Javelin Registry American Motors

The following individuals have made valuable contributions to this Registry. Below you will find their names and what they have contributed. Thank you for opening your archives and sharing. It isn't easy, nor is it cheap to accumulate this history. Each contributor has absorbed this cost in order to collect and preserve the history provided. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate your help! Thank you!

The Trans-Am Javelin Registry


Credit Tom Benvie - VIN numbers, owner information, history & information, Images (1.Dick Holland Ad, 2.BuildSheets, 3.Window Sticker, 4. Bill of Lading, 5. Ordering Guide, 6. Workup Sheet)

Credit Ronnie Kaplan & Family - History & Information

Credit D. Kiechel - Owner information, history & information, Images (photo page)

Credit Larry Daum - Images (1.Color Penske & Donohue Photo(History Page), 2.Prototype Photo)

Credit Dennis Allen - Image (1. Dick Allen Dealership (History Page) color photo)

Credit Ron Akerman - Images (photo page)

Credit Hemmings Motor News - Images (photo page), on-site links, PR Announcement

Credit Randy Ream, The Boss 302 Mustang Registry - Boss 302 Mustang text & information

Credit Barry Washington, The Challenger T/A Registry - Challenger T/A text & information

Credit MuscleCar Magazine - PR Announcement

Credit Danielle Szostak-Viers, Chrysler Historical Collection - Information, Documents

Credit Howie Cohen / Wells, Rich & Greene - Information, leads

Credit Charlie Moss / Wells, Rich & Greene - Leads

Credit Bob Swartz, Chrysler LLC - Documents, information



1970 T/A Javelin

Mission Statement: The American Motors SCCA Trans-Am Javelin Registry

Dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the limited (100 units) production SCCA Trans-Am Javelins manufactured by American
Motors for the 1970 model year.  All manufactured in factory custom Red, White & Blue paint and equipped with a standard high performance
390 cu. in. AMC motor and Hurst equipped T-10 4-Speed transmissions to commemorate the racing success of the SCCA Trans-American
Javelin Racing Team.  The aim of this registry is to document as many of the original 100 cars as possible, including cars that have been
destroyed or lost to history. If you have ever owned a T/A Javelin or know the details of a car's history please contact us! If you have any
history or documentation on these cars we encourage you to help share this information. Full credit will be given.

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