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The collection of paperwork below represents a Holy Grail of information for a Trans-Am Javelin owner. These cars are so rare that even the most dedicated AMC fanatics have never seen a Trans-Am Javelin in person, however for an owner of one of these cars to have full factory documentation including the original shipping paperwork from the factory, a surviving build sheet and an original dealership window sticker is exceptionally rare. Only 3 cars on the registry have this kind of documentation. Additional dealer documentation has been added to help paint a more complete picture of these cars. I wish to thank Mr. Benvie for providing these from his personal AMC archive.

Trans-Am Javelin Window Sticker

Window Sticker
Factory installed 1970 Trans-Am Javelin window sticker. All prices are MSRP, all options are mandatory. All Trans-Am Javelins featured full manufacturer warranties. As you can see here the Trans-Am Javelin was more than just a special paint job. The complete package included all these features and manditory upgrades.

AMC Bill of Lading Bill of Lading
Original factory bill of lading paperwork for shipping and transportation of vehicle. Notice equipment delete is listed, unlike on the above window sticker. Also, bumper guards are marked as removed. Notice the pre-production car still had these bolted into rear bumper for the photoshoot.
TA Order Guide Order Guide
Original factory "Trans-Am" price
list and ordering guide. Used to
notify AMC dealers of charges, fees,
production specifications and
included equipment.
AMC Dealer Workup WorkUp Sheet
Salesman workup sheet, used during
customer negotiations to show
customers pricing, trade-in value and
payment costs. Also used as tool to
get customer's contact information.
Purchase Order Purchase Order
Dealership to factory purchase order
used to place orders using factory
assigned codes. This information
would typically run from retail dealer
to zone then on to the factory. AMC used a modern computer system for
keeping track of it's ordering system.
This form was used as originating
AMC Trans-Am Javelin Buildsheet Build Sheet
These T/A factory build sheets had been used to document each unit's equipment and configuration. From paint to seat materials, the Trans-Am Javelin build sheet shows everything from trim "Delete" to custom spoiler installation.
Many build sheets ended up being thrown away by factory workers, some ended up in glove boxes or under carpeting. Most are located under the rear seat springs, however they often rot away or are eaten by rodents.






1970 T/A Javelin

Mission Statement: The American Motors SCCA Trans-Am Javelin Registry

Dedicated to the documentation and preservation of the limited (100 units) production SCCA Trans-Am Javelins manufactured by American
Motors for the 1970 model year.  All manufactured in factory custom Red, White & Blue paint and equipped with a standard high performance
390 cu. in. AMC motor and Hurst equipped T-10 4-Speed transmissions to commemorate the racing success of the SCCA Trans-American
Javelin Racing Team.  The aim of this registry is to document as many of the original 100 cars as possible, including cars that have been
destroyed or lost to history. If you have ever owned a T/A Javelin or know the details of a car's history please contact us! If you have any
history or documentation on these cars we encourage you to help share this information. Full credit will be given.

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